We give back to a local charity or organization at every closing. This month, the funds will go towards New Life's Foster Closet!

Foster Closet is part of a larger ministry, Reclaimed 3:18. Below you'll find content from their site (their site includes more information about the ministry). From their website, https://newlifepowell.com/ministries/reclaimed-318:

"The Foster Closet is a place where Foster Families, DFS agency workers and others can come to meet the physical needs of any child in foster care.  Many times children are placed in homes with only the clothes on their backs.  The foster closet is stocked with clothing, shoes, and winter items for all ages and sizes so that kids can have things to call their own in their new homes.  We also provide diapers and small baby furniture to help families with infants get a good start." 

If you would love to help with this ministry to the foster care community, visit their site! Whether it's Foster Closet, Tangible Needs, Teaching/Helping with Independent Living Classes, Becoming a Foster Parent, or Providing a Meal for a Foster Family, your time and help would be more than appreciated!


Video interview to come!


Click here for more information: https://newlifepowell.com/ministries/reclaimed-318