Dustin & Carrie Hamilton


Elite West Realty, LLC

269 N Bent St, Powell WY 82435



Dustin and Carrie Hamilton have combined into a Realtor® team in order to utilize their various talents and skills to provide well-rounded service for their real estate clients.  They recognize that excellent communication, attention to detail, and availability are huge factors in creating a top-notch buying or selling experience. They strive to truly connect with people, understand their wants and needs, and communicate in a fashion that’s best suited to each individual client.  Dustin and Carrie made the decision to work together in real estate much as they do in their home life after observing many years of navigating challenges together and reaching big personal goals. “Based on results,” Carrie notes, “we are always able to accomplish more as a team than we are when we split our efforts.”  They bring the spirit of teamwork and commitment to their clients to rely upon every step of the way.


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